Have you got any basic soldering skills?

Oh! What a pity... you won't enjoy the wonderful sensation of melting metal for the first time! :) On the other hand, you will finish this keypad quite fast, just check the schematics, we use a 94x53 mm. stripboard with very few cuts, we're sure it will be easy for you!

You have never grabbed a soldering iron?

Great! This is a wonderful chance to check out a new skill from your "things to learn" list! :) Escornabot's button set is a quite easy project, well suited for newbies like you. Soldering may seem harder than it is, we think this is a good manual to get started, but you will find a lot of good tutorials online. We asume you have checked the bill of materials and that you have everything ready. You should begin by checking the keypad's schematic, you can see that we have seven resistors placed in series, if we don't press any button, the analog input is connected to GND, otherwise, it will be conected to 5V through a different number of 1K resistors depending on the switch we press.

keypad schematic

Now you should take the stripboard and put it with the copper strips facing towards you. You must make four cuts on the stripboard, as shown in this image:

stripboard cuts

Finally, turn the stripboard and just place the components and solder, once you have that done, you can check if everything went well with a multimeter.

keypad parts

Now, it's time to check and configure your keypad readings!