Get the Arduino firmware

Download the code

We provide the stable versions of firmware as version numbered tags in our Github repository. You will use to download the last version from here:

Version tags in Github

You can download the .tar.gz or the .zip archive formats but one is enough (both have the same content). In this guide, we will download the arduino-X.Y.tar.gz to our /tmp directory.

Copy the code to the Arduino sketchbook directory

At this step, the Arduino IDE should be installed in your system and a sketchbook directory created in your home directory. Create this directory unless it exists:

mkdir -p ~/sketchbook

Unzip the downloaded archive (substitute X.Y with the downloaded version):

tar xzvf /tmp/arduino-X.Y.tar.gz -C /tmp

and move the directory with the sources to the sketchbook directory (again, X.Y is the version you have downloaded):

mv /tmp/arduino-X.Y/Escornabot ~/sketchbook