Bill Of Materials (BOM) Placidus

This is a list of things which can be used to build an Escornabot. Of course, you can build it with other things, that's the beauty of an Open Source project, but if you want to stick to the basics, here's what we use...

For the escornabot

Thing How many?
5V 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motors with their ULN2003 drivers 2
Arduino Nano or similar 1
170 pts Breadboard 1
5V Active Buzzer 1
2.5 mm Zip Ties(10 cm or so) 2
14 mm diameter ball (steel or other) 2
4 R-6 AA battery holder 1
10 mm. M3 screws 30
M3 nuts 18
M3 washers 32
63x3 mm rubber O-rings 2
Male-Female jumper wires 1


Component Quantity
94x53 mm Stripboard 1
6x6 mm SPST-NO tact switch 6
1KΩ Resistors (1/4 watt) 7
100KΩ Resistors (1/4 watt) 1
0.28 mm2 solid wire 1
Header pins 1

Printed Parts

Printed Parts How many?
BallCaster_14.5mm.stl 2
Bracket_28BYJ-48.stl 2
Bracket_4xAABatteryHolder.stl 1
Bracket_Keypad-Left.stl 1
Bracket_Keypad-Right.stl 1
MainPlate.stl 1
PlateSpacer_28mm.stl 2
PlateSpacer_30mm.stl 2
UnderPlate.stl 1
Wheel_72mm.stl 2

How much does this cost?

Well... it depends! We think it can get really cheap, but it will depend on where you buy the components. Links above are just orientative, at this time, we don't sell any item or recommend any particular store.