Howto Audacius

How to build a Brivoi audacius?

So, if you are here it must be that you are interested in building our pure DIY version of the Escornabot... Brave choice! Brivoi Audacius is built with independent drivers for the motors, you plug your arduino on a breadboard and you make your own keypad on a stripboard. It's true that this may be a bit more messy than Brivoi compactus, but you will also learn more and... we're here to help, aren't we? :)

Basically, this are the steps that you should follow:

  1. Read the Bill Of Materials (BOM) and order the things you need.
  2. Mount and solder the keypad.
  3. Mount the chassis and wire.
  4. Configure and load the firmware.

Open the links below to get some robotic fun! :)