BOM Brivoi Audacius

As on every current version, you must get some printed parts and some non printed parts to build your Brivoi audacius. If you are familiar with electronics and microcontrollers, you may change some of the things we use, maybe you even find a better option! If so, don't forget to tell us on the mailing list... we're an Open Source Project!

WARNING Currently, we do not sell or have any commercial agreement with anybody, every link posted aims only to help you find the items, we do not recommend or guarantee any of the listed shops.

For the escornabot

Thing How many?
5V 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motors with their ULN2003 drivers 2
Arduino Nano or similar 1
170 pts Breadboard 1
5V Active Buzzer 1
14 mm diameter ball (steel or other) 1
2x2 R-6 AA battery holder 1
63x3 mm rubber O-rings 2
Male-Female jumper wires 15 units
Slide switch 19x6 mm (optional) 1
10 mm. M3 screws 16
M3 nuts 2
0.28 mm2 solid wire 10 cm


Component Quantity
18X17 lines Stripboard 1
6x6 mm SPST-NO tact switch 5
10KΩ Resistors (1/4 watt) 6
1MΩ Resistors (1/4 watt) 1
0.28 mm2 solid wire 1
2.54 Right angle connector (or any other header pin of your choice) 1
Male Header pins (optional) 2
Jumper Cap (optional) 1

Printed Parts (these should change in a bit)

Printed Parts How many?
BallCaster_14.5mm.stl 1
Addon-BoardBracket.stl 1
BatteryBracket.stl 1
Addon-KeypadBracket.stl 1
MotorBracket.stl 1
WheelNG.stl 2
Addon-SwitchHolder.stl (optional) 2

How much does this cost?

Well... it depends! We think it can get really cheap, but it will depend on where you buy the components and on if you have a 3D printer on your own or you have to buy the printed parts. Anyway, it's a highly affordable robot, as it should be! :)