Howto Compactus

DISCLAIMER: one day someone will find time and forces to document this properly! :) Meanwhile, we recommend this version for quite advanced users, and we can only lead you to some schematics and pieces that you should use. Compactus is, mainly, a version of Audacius with specific boards for its electronics, so it will work with the same code. Remember, you can always find help in our mailing list.

Electronics for Compactus:

BOM electronic components:

For the EscornaCPU:

  • Buzzer
  • 1x 6 mm switch
  • 1 x ULN2803
  • 1x 18 pin IC socket
  • 2x XH2.54 5 pin header
  • 3x 100nF ceramic capacitors.
  • Female pin header strips
  • Male pin header strips
  • 1x terminal block 2 positions 5 mm.
  • 2x jumper caps

For the EscornaBotoneira:

  • 6x 12 mm switch
  • 6x 10K 1/4W resistors
  • right angle male pin header strip

Other components:

These components are almost the same as for Audacius version.

  • 2x 28BYJ-48 5V stepper motors.
  • Arduino Nano or similar.
  • 2+2 AA battery holder.
  • 63x3 mm Rubber O-ring.
  • 14 mm diameter ball
  • 2x female jumper wires.
  • 19x6 mm slide switch.
  • 16 10mm M3 screws.
  • 2 M3 nuts.

3D files for Compactus:

Unofficial guide

Yes, there are no official guides, so we can only point you to this presentation that shows how to build it and this other that show how to solder. They are both in Galician and they are not state of the art but, if you are reading this, you surely are a seasoned maker and you will manage to get it right! ;) Anyway, remember there is a list for any question. Go for it! :)